Micro-bubble Spa Generator for milk bath
The milk SPA generator,dog spa accessory are equipped with micro-bubble,deep cleaning,ozone disinfection,and deodorized longly function.Widely used in
many pet stores,salon,veterinary hospital,ect.

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The milk SPA generator,dog spa accessory are equipped with micro-bubble,deep cleaning,ozone disinfection,and deodorized longly function.Widely used in many pet stores,salon,veterinary hospital,ect.

Micro-bubble Spa Generator for milk bath

Mini Bubble Strong Ozonator

This is an Ozonator made according to the latest high-tech, which transforms ordinary water into white oxygen-enriched nano bubbles.

Nano bubbles charged with oxygen and negative ions can help remove dirt, bacteria, viruses,

Ozone therapy has a positive effect on the skin and fur:

  • Enriched with ozone water has a positive effect on both the skin and the fur

  • Can help you overcome skin diseases and relieve allergic reactions.

  • Ozone technologies can help to combat such problems as leismanosis, fungal diseases, alopecia (alopecia), allergies and dermatitis, wounds, and various irritations.

Advantages of ozone therapy:

  • Ozone acts as an antioxidant, protects the body from the effects of free radicals,

  • improves blood circulation,

  • moisturizes the skin,

  • reduces itching and flaking,

  • pairs of fur, which improves the absorption of cosmetics,

  • acts anti-inflammatory,

  • promotes the healing of mechanical damage to the skin,

  • destroys viruses, bacteria, and fungi,

  • stimulates the immune system.

Deep cleansing of the pet's skin

Water enriched with negative ions and oxygen moves quickly and massages the animal's skin, thereby eliminating dead skin cells, excess fat, and dirt.

Milky Spa Technology:
The Milky Spa feature creates a system of ultra-fine nano bubbles in the bath - simple water is transformed into white oxygen-enriched nano bubbles. Nano bubbles charged with oxygen and negative ions can help remove dirt, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and mud deposits on the animal's fur and skin.

Removal of chlorine from water

If your tap water is high in chlorine, this device will help you effectively remove up to 90% chlorine, making the water much more suitable for pet water procedures.

Smart and easy to control:

  • The device has an LCD display and five control buttons.

  • With the buttons, you can turn the device on, stop, turn off, set the ozone disinfection, or set a timer for 30 minutes.

  • The device is easy to operate and will take just a few minutes to fully prepare the appliance for use.

  • The device can be used with both ozone and simple baths.

Techinical Data:

1) Model:SL-Mini/MS150

2) Power Voltage:AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

3) Rate Power:150W

4) Fluid output: 5.0L PM

5) Working Pressure: 0.25Mpa~0.6Mpa

6) Temperature: 0℃~60℃

7) Product Weight: 12.5KGS

8) Packing size: 46cm*36cm*42cm


About The microbubble/Milky Ozone Spa Machine Installation and Operation


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