35 Inch Microubbble Ozone Spa Bath For Pet Grooming Business
35 Inch Microubbble Ozone Spa Bath For Pet Grooming adopts super acrylic plate,
high anti-corrosion good stainless steel support,excellent protectable 
transparent tempered glass,multi-functional design,widely popular in market 
for its stable performance and high quality,used widely in pet store,salon,boarding,
feeder place,ect.

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35 Inch Microubbble Ozone Spa Bath For Pet Grooming adopts super acrylic plate,high anti-corrosion good stainless steel support,excellent protectable transparent tempered glass,multi-functional design,widely popular in market for its stable performance and high quality,used widely in pet store,salon,boarding,feeder place,ect.

Dog Wash Tub,Pet Bathtub,Dog Bath,Dog Grooming Tub

35 Inch Microubbble Ozone Spa Bath For Pet Grooming Business

Tub Advantages:

1) Easy installation and operation;

2) Bubble function can give your pets a comfortable spa bathing;

3) Led light makes more interesting;

4) Not much water for your pets' washing;

5) Horizontal massage helpful to increase the felling of spa;

6) Option Milky bath or microbubble used for pet's disinfection 

7) Ozone option for sterilizing tub after use.

8) Thermosat function option helpful to provide constant warm water for pets.

Technical Data:



1.Material: high quality acrylic plate for tub; high anti-corrosion good stainless steel support;

Good tempered protectable glass;

2.Color available: All White/Black&white/Full Black

3.Option function:Air Bubble,Led colorful Lights;Ozone;Micro-bubble milk bath;Thermostat.

5. Double filter for drainage

6.Handle Control Drainning;

7.Available Size: 90cm*73cm*95cm

Used: Dog spa/Dog bath/Cat wash;

Nano bubble ozone spa bath feedback from customer

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