35 Inch Microubbble Ozone Spa Bath For Pet Grooming Business
35 Inch Microubbble Ozone Spa Bath For Pet Grooming adopts super acrylic plate,
high anti-corrosion good stainless steel support,excellent protectable 
transparent tempered glass,multi-functional design,widely popular in market 
for its stable performance and high quality,used widely in pet store,salon,boarding,
feeder place,ect.

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35 Inch Microubbble Ozone Spa Bath For Pet Grooming adopts super acrylic plate,high anti-corrosion good stainless steel support,excellent protectable transparent tempered glass,multi-functional design,widely popular in market for its stable performance and high quality,used widely in pet store,salon,boarding,feeder place,ect.

Dog Wash Tub,Pet Bathtub,Dog Bath,Dog Grooming Tub

35 Inch Microubbble Ozone Spa Bath For Pet Grooming Business

Tub Advantages:

1) Easy installation and operation;

2) Bubble function can give your pets a comfortable spa bathing;

3) Led light makes more interesting;

4) Not much water for your pets' washing;

5) Horizontal massage helpful to increase the felling of spa;

6) Option Milky bath or microbubble used for pet's disinfection 

7) Ozone option for sterilizing tub after use.

8) Thermosat function option helpful to provide constant warm water for pets.

Sangle pet ozone spa bath is designed for pet amazing pet ozone therpay spa bath and the prevention of various ailments and diseases of the skin and fur. The bathtub is intended for professional use by groomers and kennels, as well as for animal owners who want to thoroughly care for their pets' fur and skin.

Water enriched with ozone has a positive effect on both the skin and fur, but also helps in the treatment of skin diseases and alleviating allergic reactions.

Benefits of ozone for animal skin and fur:

- Activates cellular immunity.

- Stimulates collagen production, which promotes tissue regeneration.

- Cleanses and brightens the skin by removing toxins, impurities and free radicals.

- Accelerates healing processes and relieves allergy symptoms.

- Soothes/treats the symptoms of eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. It inhibits the formation of dandruff. Treats burns and insect bites.

- Has disinfecting properties - strengthens immunity.

- Stimulates hair growth, nourishing the hair structure from the inside and repairing damaged areas.

- Cosmetic products interact with ozone in an improved way, ensuring excellent results. Comprehensive and periodic use with professional cosmetics allows you to achieve stunning results.

Bathing your pet regularly in ozone-enriched water can help thoroughly clean dirt from its fur and skin; improve the condition of the skin and fur; increase the effectiveness of SPA treatments on the skin and fur; promote the regeneration of skin and hair follicles; enhance the absorption of the good properties of cosmetics; treat various skin and fur diseases; reduce allergic skin reactions; promote the healing of mechanical skin damage.

Ozone improves the condition of the skin and fur in fungal diseases such as: fungus; dermatophytosis; dermatomycosis; Malassezia mushroom.

Ozonation technology supports skin regeneration, provides additional hydration, opens the pores of the skin and fur and improves the absorption of products, i.e. nourishes the skin from the inside. During a SPA treatment, the oils used in the water penetrate the skin and remove toxins. In the case of allergies and dermatitis, it reduces allergy symptoms (redness, peeling, unpleasant odor, pigmentation changes) occurring after flea bites.

In the case of food allergies, atopic dermatitis or seborrhea. Baldness may be caused by various factors, including genetic ones, but the most common are: too hot water, surgical intervention, frequent preparation of the coat for shows, cutting too close to the skin (hair follicle atrophy), etc. Ozone moisturizes, has an antioxidant effect, strengthens immunity, opens pores and enriches the skin with beneficial substances that improve regeneration.

In the case of leishmaniasis, a disease caused by a protozoan that causes skin ulceration, an ozone bath acts as a special moisturizing agent - it accelerates the healing of skin and wounds. This is important for maintaining a strong protective layer against external factors and maintaining healthy, flaky and irritation-free skin.

Milky SPA technology enriches fur care with the action of small nanoparticles. The Milky SPA solution raises the care of your pet's fur and skin to the highest, professional level.

This is the most innovative technology for the care and treatment of skin and fur. It is based on ultra-fine nanoparticles. Due to their size, nanobubbles can penetrate deep into skin pores and hair follicles, removing excess sebum, dirt and impurities. Nanobubbles are very small in nature, with a diameter of less than 0.025 mm and greater than 0.002 mm. Bubbles of this size easily penetrate hair follicles and skin pores without damaging the epidermis. Nanobubbles mainly contain oxygen, so they can stay in the water for a long time before the oxygen dissolves in the water and the bubbles disappear. Due to their very small size, nanobubbles have a negative electrical charge, so they easily attract dirt. Together with ultrasonic vibration and cavitation, dirt and bubbles will be separated and removed from the skin during the treatment. The oxygen from the treatment improves skin metabolism and helps repair damaged skin faster and maintain its elasticity.

Technical Data:



1.Material: high quality acrylic plate for tub; high anti-corrosion good stainless steel support;

Good tempered protectable glass;

2.Color available: All White/Black&white/Full Black

3.Option function:Air Bubble,Led colorful Lights;Ozone;Micro-bubble milk bath;Thermostat.

5. Double filter for drainage

6.Handle Control Drainning;

7.Available Size: 90cm*73cm*95cm

Used: Dog spa/Dog bath/Cat wash;

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