Single Motor Pet Dryer
Sangle pet dryer with super wind speed is the latest researched and developed. 
The single motor is fixed in a soft way to reduce noises, optimizing the working
environment.The dryers are widely used in pet store,hotel,hospital,and families.

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pet dryer,singer motor pet blowing machine with super wind speed adpot the latest researched and developed technical,excellent performance function.
Force dryer for dogs,stand dryers for dog grooming

1. Sangle pet dryer with super wind speed is the latest researched and developed.
2. The motor is fixed in a soft way to reduce noises, making the pet dry the lowest noise in China. The perfect low-noise design most optimizes the working environment.
3.Anion air freshener with the function of dust elimination,sterilization and air purification is more environmentally- friendly and advanced than traditional pet dryers. 
3.Innovative and scientific design of installation of wind direction of the channel prevents the returning air duct. The vortex type of wind ensures the air volume to achieve the best results.
5. More beautiful appearance and more scientific switch design
6. Air volume can be adjusted according to need.

7.Widely used in pet stores,hotel,boarding,hospital,familes,ect.

Technical Data:
1). Model:SL-SD168
2). Color: Dark Blue/Pink/Yellow;Black
3). Voltage:220V/110V
4). Power:2800W;
4). Wind Speed:25~50m/s;
5). Noise≦60db
6). Temperature:3 shear shifts adjustable
7). Package: Cartons


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