Why choose acrylic pet bathtub instead that of stainless steel?

Acrylic Vs. Stainless Steel Bathtub

The grooming bathtub is one of the most used areas of the grooming. When choosing a pet bahtub, homeowners are often surprised at the wide array of available materials, colors, styles and prices. Acrylic and stainless steel tub both have advantages and disadvantages. Which tub you choose depends on what are the most important factors to you in your bathing.


Stainless Steel Pet Bathtub Advantages

Stainless steel bahtub are one of the most popular choices among homeowners for several reasons. Their neutral appearance means they will look good with almost any décor. If you're looking for durability, stainless steel should last for a very long time with proper care. Compared to acrylic and other materials, stainless steel sinks will not chip or crack. They are available in a large selection of styles.


Stainless Steel Pet Bathtub Disadvantages

One disadvantage to choosing a stainless steel tub is that it requires some effort to keep this surface looking good. The tub needs to be wiped out frequently in order to avoid a drab or dingy appearance. Keeping the tub dry is important in order to maintain the shine. Tubs made of a thin gauge may sound tinny, making a loud noise when an item is dropped into the tub, which is a problem that isn't likely to occur with acrylic bahtub. Rubbing a stainless steel tub with an abrasive material may result in visible scratches.Still,the weight of stainless steel is much heavier than that with acrylic materia.So you always need some help when you install it.Besides,you have to be careful with the sharp edges and it's easy to be hurt if you do not pay attention.The last but not least,the cost is not affordable for lots of middle classes.


Acrylic Pet Bathtub Advantages

Acrylic is plastic that is molded to create the shape of the sink and reinforced with fiberglass. It is a stain-resistant surface and easy to clean using non-abrasive cleaners. A major advantage to choosing acrylic sinks is that acrylic is usually inexpensive compared to stainless steel and other materials. Another advantage to acrylic sinks is that they come in a variety of colors, which can really help make a kitchen appear brighter. They are lightweight and easy to install.

Acrylic Pet Bathtub Disadvantages

Since acrylic tubs are made of soft materials, they can nick or cut easily, so they are not as durable as stainless steel, although scratches can usually be sanded and polished out.Their service time is usually over 10 years. They don't tolerate high heat, which means the surface can melt if very hot pans are placed on the surface. However,their allowable temperature should reachs about 100℃.So you no need to worr about their  heat assistant performance if you use that for your lovely pets.

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