About The Dog SPA Source

Dog SPA Source

The word SPA comes from the Latin alphabet "Solus Par Agula" (Health by water), which means water spa(hydro-massage) to reach health. Generally speaking, the dog spa refers to the penetration of the pet's spa into the dog's hair roots.The impurities in the pet's hair are removed to achieve a clean, odor-eliminating function.


The water in the spa is also very good. The outside adds minerals, essential oils, woody flowers, flowers and other ingredients, so the dog SPA can also make up for the dog's hair to restore nutrients, restore the bright luster and elasticity.

In addition, bubble massage can promote the dog's blood circulation, slow down metabolism, consume excess fat, and finally reach the goal of preventing disease and delaying old age.

From this point of view, the dog SPA contains different contents such as bathing, cleansing, and massage. For pet grooming shops, it should also include professional equipment, reasonable distribution of aqueous solutions and correct operating ways. Some pet owners would like to buy some SPA products from the market and do the "SPA" practice for the dogs at home, according to the "experience" learned in the pet grooming store or pet salon.That's not recommended. It will not only fail to achieve the consequences, but also can cause damage to the dog's skin.

Attention:  Not Each Pet Suitable For SPA

Before giving the dog a SPA,the medical examination must be necessary. One thing, they can understand pets' health, so as to "prescribe the right medicine"; Another thing, they can also avoid the harm of diseases and skin diseases, and avoid cross-contamination.

Still, dogs in colds, pregnant dogs, dogs with internal injuries, and dogs with poor skin conditions are not suitable for SPA.

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