The Use Of Underwater Pet Treadmill

What is the use of underwater pet treadmill? Is the pet treadmill good for dogs?


The underwater treadmill is a weapon for pet hydrotherapy. Some pets with injured legs or spine have temporary paralysis after surgery and require medical exercise to help them recover. Putting the treadmill on the bottom of the water is always helpful to to reduce the load on the legs,relying on the buoyancy of the water.The effect of rehabilitation is very good.Still the pet treadmill is always very helpful to the arthritic pets.

In California, there is a dog with a broken spine. After the operation, the hind legs are paralyzed. Only the two front legs can be pulled forward to climb. However, when she was running on the bottom of the water, she was able to walk naturally as usual. Her master twice let her exercise on a treadmill twice a day, or feel the muscles on the dog's legs become stronger every day.

In a world,the pet treadmill is absolutely good for dogs health.Sangle Pet Treadmill underwater have been widely sold and used in over 30 countries because of excellent performance and high quality. 

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