How to choose suitable grooming table?

How to choose suitable grooming table?

Grooming table is considered as one of the most important grooming or salon equipments for pet groomings at store or home.When you make a decision to start the pet grooming business,you would have to consider how to choose a suitable table for your pet groomers or yourself.Here are three different grooming tables listed for your comparision as follow:

Electric tables are the most expensive dog grooming tables because you can adjust the height just by pressing a button or treading the button by feet . They commonly feature an adjustable chassis that is powered by an electric motor. These tables provide you with an extremely comfortable working height ranging from 50cm to 130cm for most models. It can be changed using the table’s remote control for a smooth effortless action. These are sometimes called lift tables

Electric grooming table.jpg

Hydraulic tables are more economic pet grooming tables that use a foot-operated hydraulic pump to adjust the table’s height to a comfortable level. If you only groom your dogs or change the height occasionally, this is a better choice. However, it may become annoying after a while if you have to change the height several times a day or week. Prices are around $500.


Foldable and adjustable tables are the cheapest but offer no real stability and are for occasional users who want to use it once in a while for their own dog(s.) They are decently priced and do the job for private users although hydraulic tables would be a much better choice in the long run.


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