What is physical rehabilitation for animals?

What is physical rehabilitation for animals?


Physical rehabilitation is a recognized discipline and an adjunct in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients post surgery, injury or chronic debilitating illness (e.g. degenerative myelopathy, osteoarthritis).
By means of a combination of modalities, it helps decrease pain, oedema and inflammation, increase joint mobility, muscle strength and endurance, all the while preventing injury, since the exercise provided is controlled (which is ideal for geriatric, overweight animals or painful joints). All of the above are made possible by using a combination of tools and methods that aid in recovery, promote healing, and improve function and quality of living of the animal

Sangle Canine hydrotherapy treadmill is an important equipment to help pets with physical rehabilitation,which is widely used in Animal Hospital,Clinnics,and Caninie Hydrotherapy Center.

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