The difference between Shampoo bath and Micro Bubble spa bath?

The difference between Shampoo bath and Micro Bubble spa bath?

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  1. About Shampoo Bath

    The shampoo (Surfactant) needs to be rubbed on the surface of the skin to make foam, then it takes the dirt off by the surface tension of the bubble. (shown below) You will be giving a lot of stress to the skin barrier by rubbing (act as a stimulus to the skin). When the size of the bubble is not reduced to the micro level, it cannot go into the pore. So it is limited to only taking the dirt off of the surface of the skin.Espeically for pets with long hair,the normal wash with shampoo is signifcantly to decrease the dirty in a way.


  2. About Micro Bubble Bath

    The micro bubbles can remove the dirt without rubbing the skin. The micro bubbles which are tinged with negative ions attract the dirt and remove it from the skin without any rubbing. (Picture below) (Less irritation to the skin) The microbubbles not only clean on the surface of the skin, they go into the pores and hair follicles and remove the dirt firmly.Especailly after pets' bubble spa bath,the quite micro bubble spa would be more helpful to get better deep cleaning.



  3. How do Micro Bubble clean deep inside the pores?

    The size of a pore is (30μ m =30/1,000mm) and the size of a micro bubble is (20μ m= /1000-20/1,000mm). The micro bubbles are just water and air. Oil and water repel so the microbubbles alone will not remove the sebum crust on its own. The Toji enzyme powder will eat away at the sebum crust breaking it down and making it softer, in turn the broken-down sebum will be removed by the micro bubbles. After the sebum is removed, then the micro bubbles travel deep into the pore where it will clean out the pore completely.


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