Can dogs use a human treadmill or do they need a dog treadmill?

Can dogs use a human treadmill or do they need a dog treadmill?

Although a human treadmill may work for smaller dogs, larger dogs will generally need to use a treadmill that has a longer belt (or bed) surface. If the belt surface is too short for your dog, this may affect their gait and force them to take steps that are too short and unnatural, which could cause muscle and joint discomfort or injuries.

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The belt surface should generally be about 2 to 2.5 times the length of the dog. Manufacturer recommendations suggest another method to determine the needed length: try measuring the length of your dogs body (when your dog is lying on their side with their legs gently extended) and then add 10 inches.


Dog treadmills are often built to accommodate dogs' special needs, with features like removable side enclosures, durability, an out-of-reach console, and even treat bowls at the front panel. Dog treadmills may also be built to minimize noise and vibrations based on the dogs motion.


Human treadmills lack these important dog-friendly features and have a wider belt to accommodate wider human hips. In order to meet different market needs well,SanglePet treadmills are designed with different functions,size. Rehabilitation and veterinary clinics may purchase more expensive treadmills that have more incline and decline options,folding,higher speed (0.8~24km/hrs)or stand speed(0.8-12km/hrs),even for double dogs running at the same time,ect.

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But, if you dont have the money for a high-end, vet clinic-grade dog treadmill, SanglePet also provide standard canine treadmills flat with standard speed range well within most price ranges. 

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