Acrylic Bathtub VS Ceramic Tub


Acrylic bathtub: the official name of acrylic bathtub is glass fiber reinforced plastic tubs (acrylic is English acrylic homo-phonic). The surface layer material is methyl acrylate, the negative cover glass fiber, coated with a special resin reinforced. The whole bathtub should be of uniform color, smooth surface, no stratification, bubbles, etc.. The thickness of the surface layer is generally above 3 mm, and the glass fiber is firmly combined with no peeling.In general,Sangle Pet Grooming Supplies would adopt around 8mm acrylic plate for pet wash tub.With excellent performance and reasonal design,our acrylic dog or pet tubs have widely sold and used over 20 countries.


Advantages: easy to processing because of the acrylic material is soft, so the bathtub shape and color is rich, consumer choice. Acrylic bathtub insulation effect is high, the winter warm for a long time. Light weight, easy to transport and installation. Scratches on the surface can be repaired. Acrylic bathtub cheaper.


Disadvantages: easy to hang at the bottom surface, it is very important to deal with, otherwise easy to step on a crack


Ceramic bathtub: Ceramic bathtub made of ceramic clay firing, glaze appearance high smoothness, improve the overall quality of bathroom.


Advantages: good viewing, thick material, resistant to use.


Disadvantages: bulky easy transportation, afraid of bump, smooth has slipped, cracked the scratches cannot be repaired.


Comparison between the two: 1. Acrylic bathtub slow heat transfer, so insulation good, compared to the contact surface, no cold feeling. And ceramic bath, more a "warm, soft," sense of, won't touch the pain body. Need to pay attention to is, acrylic bathtub installed in the bottom shall be covered with sand and cement paste and can not be vacated or only on a few points of support, so as not to break. We should prevent sharp objects against friction in use, soft cloth and detergent wipe light application when cleaning, do not use 100 clean cloth. Once a cleaning hair, with a soft cloth with toothpaste wipe, can restore luster.

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