The Key Points Of Cleaning Acrylic Bathtub

The Key Points Of Cleaning Acrylic Bathtub


For just bought back more to take care of acrylic bathtub, prolong its service life. Here are some key attentions from Sangle Pet Grooming Supplies as follow:


1 every week cleaning the bathtub, ensure the bath after each use to keep dry.


2 cleaning bath may use neutral liquid detergent and use good sponge or soft cloth.


3 do not use wear and high alkaline cleaning products.


4 avoid to use brunet cleaner, because the cause of pigment infiltration cylinder surface.


5 the use of water, don't forget to turn off the water system, so as to avoid the frequent drop caused the bath water.


6 bath if there is any damage, the company shall immediately notify the repair, lest the problem continues to worsen.


7 do not leave metal items in the bathtub, they can make bath crock rusty and dirty surface.

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