How to Choose good acrylic tub?

How to Choose good acrylic tub? 

Here are two tips from Sangle Pet Grooming Supplies Manufacture

1.Check quality of the bathtub

The acrylic bathtub is made up of a surface layer (acrylic layer) and an inner layer (glass fiber resin reinforcement layer). The inner layer of the good quality acrylic bathtub is tightly combined, without delamination, and gently tapping without hollow sound, the surface Smooth as porcelain, flat as mirror, backlit, flat without undulations, polished lines, no warping on the straight surface, curved arc standard, uniform cylinder thickness, light weight, strong and elastic, hand-painted inside the cylinder It should be smooth, no powder, no hands, and the joint between the skirt and the cylinder is tight and the gap is consistent. Good quality bathtub surface gloss and flatness. Pay attention to whether the surface has defects such as small cracks, blemishes, and orange peel. A good quality acrylic bathtub can last for a long time and lasts for 15 years.Therefore,considering the lower cost and longer service time,most people would like to choose the acrylic tub instead of traditional stainless tub.

2. Confirming the thickness

The thickness of the acrylic cylinder is generally 3~10mm. Generally, the thicker the better, pay attention to the smoothness and flatness of the surface, pay attention to the small cracks and defects, and do not buy those bathtubs with orange peel on the surface.Sangle always take the thichkend 8mm acrylic plate as the material of our pet bathtubs,in order to pursue the best quality.Because of this,our products have been widely exported and sold in over 30 countries over around 10 years.

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