How to open a pet grooming store?

As we all know,with the improvement of people's life,mental life will be more and more taken seriously.The lovely pets are natrually becoming an important part.Therefore,the quality of their life becomes better and better,which result in the fact that more and more people would like to join the pet grooming industry and grooming stroes become more popular than before.

Then how to open a good pet grooming store? What should we do before start? Here are some tipes from Sangle Pet as follow:

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1: Find the place to open the store in the early stage, with excellent attractive and professional design and decoration. That's the most important direct factors affecting passenger flow in a way.

2: Purchase the equipment needed for a grooming shop or store,like grooming tub,dog spa tub,pet dryer,grooming table,cages,and even pet treadmill,medical equippment.Actually SanglePet can provide what you need as a professional factory since 2011,with strong technical support and excellent after-sales service.

3: Find a safe and reliable source of other goods, such as shampoo, food, pet supplies, etc.

4: Recruit pet groomer!!! (This is the key point) If the owner will be the best

5: Prepare the budget fund needed to start the business with great confedience.

Over the last around 10 years,because of our trial sample order policy, many lots of customers would like to import grooming supplies and equipments from us for their stores.Some of them would like to distribute our products in their countries as our distributors when they see the great prospect during opening pet stores.

If you also do have the plan and meet any question,pls feel free to email us [email protected],our team would like to help you with that as soon as poosible.

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